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Investing in Film

Full Day Wedding Videography

I am with you for 8 hours. Throughout the day I capture all the little details from hanging with the wedding party, you walking down the aisle to the end of the night send off. 


This package includes highlights of your ceremony with audio following along with highlights of the speeches at your reception. Topped off with drone video of your venue.

Base Package Includes 

10-15 minute Highlight Film 

1-2 minute Cinematic Sneak Peak Film

Drone Footage

Custom Wedding Videography Package

I totally get that not everyone can budget in a full day videography package! I love to work with my couples to figure out what is right for you.

Elopement Videography

For my smaller wedding folks. I will be there with you for 6 hours. This package includes highlights of your ceremony with audio and drone video.

Base Package Includes

5 minute Highlight Film 

Cinematic Sneak Peak Film

Drone Footage

What is Wedding Videography all about?

I think wedding videography is all about capturing the priceless moments that you may or may not even realize happened. I try to include all moments from your day to highlight it in real time. Kind of like your re-living your day as you watch your film. 

All packages include a highlight film. This film does exactly what is name is, it highlights your entire day including snippets of your ceremony with audio. The length of each film vary on the package you choose. 

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